1. 1 [Info] Freakhouse Blues 03:09
  2. 2 [Info] Last Dance 03:12
  3. 3 Falling/ Floating 03:47
  4. 4 [Info] The Two Headed Calf 02:28
  5. 5 [Info] Poison Flower 02:59
  6. 6 [Info] Traveling 03:47
  7. 7 Undine Outwitted 02:51
  8. 8 [Info] Creature 03:54
  9. 9 Werewolf 03:48
  10. 10 Where You Goin'? 02:29
  11. 11 Crushed 05:29
  12. 12 [Info] Moth 05:28
  13. 13 Cloud Girl 04:23

with Matt Kanelos on piano
Friday, December 19th
at The Connelly Theater
with Joseph Keckler, Edgar Oliver and more...

220 East 4th Street, (betw Avenue A and B), NYC

For reservations call (212) 741-0536
subway F train to second avenue


Carol has just been awarded the
2014 Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant for music

Working on a brand new CD
Details soon!

Carol Lipnik is acclaimed for her hauntingly beautiful multi-octave voice and her spellbinding performances of darkly humorous and wrenchingly honest songs in which waves of melancholy break on a debris-strewn shoreline of ecstasy. The inimitable Coney Island native has five albums out on Mermaid Alley Music.
"Carol Lipnik is that rare bird, the complete artist, with the soaring voice of a Dawn Upshaw, and the probing musical intelligence of Joni MItchell." 
          - John Kelly

" One of New York's FINEST singers and most original songwriters!!! Carol Lipnik is one of the artists who I respect uniquivocally (the word vocally is even spelled out in uniquivocally!!)"
...Carol's new songs, which are truly art songs, set in the jewel like quality of her voice reach such levels of glorious individuality that we were all gobsmacked."
         - Penny Arcade

"In my mind she is like the original giant Athena in the Parthenon but with an 8 octave range and when she opens her mouth the countryside waves like slow jello and a great comfort is instilled on the race and babies stop crying and ill will's suspended and it all settles like a just dried fragrant sheet o'er the land."
           -Brenda Bergman

"Carol embodies all we love about Coney Island, not only in her incredible singing voice and musical style, but in her personal dedication to the eerie and fantastic." - Richard Eagan

"The Barbra Streisand for the weird." - Marilyn Cvitanic

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photo credits: banner - Larry Lipnik, top to bottom - Nancy Mahl, Fussy Lo Mein (costume by Machine Dazzle), Nancy Mahl