Carol Lipnik's haunting new art-song collection,
"Almost Back to Normal" is now available!
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A collaboration with luminous pianist Matt Kanelos and eclectic violin virtuoso/producer Jacob Lawson, the new album blends lush, mystical soundscapes with hints of the baroque, jaunty Brecht-Weill cabaret, old-school soul music and the avant garde, all of it imbued with Carol's signature phantasmagoria and droll, absurdist humor. Recorded using an 1895 Steinway grand piano in the world-class sonics of Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn, it's a collection of tersely intense songcraft and longer-scale, psychedelically-tinged mood pieces. 

Winner of the Broadway World 2015 New York Cabaret Award
For Best Alternative Cabaret Show

"What separates Ms. Lipnik from every other conjurer of the otherworldly is her phenomenal voice. With a four-octave range, impeccable pitch and several distinct personalities within that voice, Ms. Lipnik evoked singers as disparate as Diamanda Galás, Maude Maggart, Yma Sumac and the yodeling Joni Mitchell. Her instrument is, in a word, phenomenal."
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"In a world of many imitators, Lipnik is a complete original. Every song is a surprise and every word and gesture adds to the magic." (The Top Ten of New York Cabaret 2015)
- Kevin Scott Hall, 

"Earth-mother nightingale Carol Lipnik is a mesmerizing find. She has an ethereal soprano and a hippie air;
she writes fantastical tunes, full of mythic imagery, that carry the listener to worlds unknown. At last, her moment has come."
- James Gavin (biographer of Peggy Lee, Lena Horne, and Chet Baker)

"Carol Lipnik might not just be the best singer in New York - she might be the best singer anywhere"
- New York Music Daily

"Lipnik's songs have a mythic quality…she sang, casting spells upon the audience. Her arms became branches, as she took on tree-like power poses worthy of Usain Bolt or Athena. Her vocal power, enrapturing, had us shaking our heads in admiration and awe."

"I can probably count on 5 fingers or less those who have redefined music in recent memory. How Carol Lipnik is able to transcend each prior album and create new genres is testament to her virtuosity not only as composer, but performer as well. There is a prismatic brilliance to ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL that cannot be categorized; from moments of sweeping grandeur to delicate fragility as fleeting as a snowflake's beauty--all with minimum instrumentation. this is her magnum opus."
- George Maida 
The Electric Croude

"I had the pleasure of catching Lipnik's act a few weeks ago and I can say with some certainty that I have never seen or heard anyone quite like her…She is a treasure among us." 
- Kevin Scott Hall, Edge Media Network

"Like a spiderweb, Carol Lipnik is surprisingly strong in her ethereality, maintaining an eerie self-possession as she shares enigmatically spooky folk-art songs in an octave-spanning wail. In her weekly engagement at Pangea, the East Village's cozy new cabaret space, she teams up with pianist Matt Kanelos to share selections from a new album of original music."
- Adam Feldman, Time Out NY

"If you are in NYC and you only do one thing culturally go and see Carol Lipnik at Pangea. If you love music and appreciate great songwriting and singing, if you came to NYC to experience magical happenings in tiny rooms that could never happen anyplace else in the world, if you dreamed of intimate nights surrounded by smart, talented, interesting people, this is what you're here for. Now DON'T MISS IT!!!!" 
- Mx. Justin Vivian Bond

"Of all the many ongoing weekly gigs in this city, it’s impossible to think of a more happening one right now than this show...
If state-of-the-art songcraft and magical voices are your thing, miss this at your peril. Years from now, people will be saying they were here even if they weren’t."

- New York Music Daily

"Sometimes she sounds like an acolyte of a Celtic goddess, and at other times like someone who’s benefited from private vocal coaching by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi...Lipnik’s performances are consistently sure-voiced and engaging. The woman has undeniable charisma... she needs to be seen to be believed.."
 - Mark Dundas Wood,

A must...MUST...SEE & HEAR. Carol Lipnik is a treasure that is soaring and inspiriring. Treat yourself and take that evening out in NYC to be taken away to other worldly places...And she does...Love her madly....
- Joey Arias
Residency at
at the Public Theater

with Matt Kanelos on piano and sounds
and Kyle Sanna on guitar and synths
Thursdays in March

March 3rd,
and March 17th

425 Lafayette Street, NYC
7pm/ doors 6pm
tickets $16.

or call 212 967 7555 for more info


Friday, March 18th
140 North Columbus, Blvd
Philadelphia, PA

with Matt Kanelos on piano

Sunday Residency at

Returns this Spring!!!
7pm show/ dinner and cocktails at 6pm

178 Second Ave (between 11th and 12th Street, NYC)
$15 cover when you order online in advance/ $20 cover at the door
$15 minimum food/beverage

in the gorgeous cozy cabaret room with great food and full bar
Tickets On Sale Soon
Limited seating 
visit or call (212) 995 0900 for more info 

Carol Lipnik is acclaimed for her hauntingly beautiful multi-octave voice and her spellbinding performances of darkly humorous and wrenchingly honest songs in which waves of melancholy break on a debris-strewn shoreline of ecstasy. The inimitable Coney Island native has six albums out on Mermaid Alley Music.

"Singer/songwriter Carol Lipnik doesn’t need a giant metallic lion and a football game or an elaborate The Sound of Music-themed extravaganza to make a memorable impact. Her incandescent voice gets the job done with no need for gimmicks."
-Beck Feibelman
The Clyde Fitch Report
Read the whole article/ interview here

"With a four-octave voice and a madhouse sense of wonder, perhaps an influence of her Coney Island rearing, Carol Lipnik is not your usual cup of tea. She is without peers... Carol and Matt's musical collaboration can be experienced during their weekly Sunday residency at Pangea.
New Yorkers? Run don't walk! Out-of-towners? Book your flight! Welcome to the wonderfully eccentric world of Carol Lipnik".​
Listen to our conversation with Boice on his FAB podcast! We played a few tunes unplugged, too!

"Within the first few bars of her opening song at Pangea, Carol Lipnik effectively begins to weave a sort of sonic cocoon that gently envelops and contains her audience. By the song’s end that vessel is complete and her listeners are rapt: warm, safe, suspended, and ready for something magical to happen. It does!.."
-The Lo-Down, News From The Lower East Side

A Surrealistically Spellbinding New Album from Spectacular Singer Carol Lipnik
New York Music Daily

Read Joseph Keckler's wonderful recap of Carol's Pangea show, part of a weekend review which includes Björk's MoMA show -- and Bjork's surprise appearance in the audience at Pangea for Carol's show! 
You never know who's going to show up when Carol Lipnik holds court in the intimate show room at Pangea. - Earl Dax

"Carol Lipnik is that rare bird, the complete artist, with the soaring voice of a Dawn Upshaw, and the probing musical intelligence of Joni MItchell." 
          - John Kelly

"One of New York's FINEST singers and most original songwriters!!! 
...Carol's new songs, which are truly art songs, set in the jewel like quality of her voice reach such levels of glorious individuality that we were all gobsmacked."
         - Penny Arcade
"Carol embodies all we love about Coney Island, not only in her incredible singing voice and musical style, but in her personal dedication to the eerie and fantastic." - Richard Eagan

"The Barbra Streisand for the weird." - Marilyn Cvitanic

Carol is the winner of the 2014 Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant for music



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MY PIANO - a brand new song by Carol Lipnik performed at Pangea with Matt Kanelos on piano,
filmed by Liza Béar 
Performing at Joe's Pub in Weimar New York - The Things That Make You Grow by Carol Lipnik and Nonviolent Man by Matt Kanelos
  1. 1 [Info] Almost Back To Normal 03:54
  2. 2 [Info] Freakhouse Blues 03:09
  3. 3 [Info] Last Dance 03:12
  4. 4 Falling/ Floating 03:47
  5. 5 [Info] Honey Pot 02:42
  6. 6 [Info] The Things That Make You Grow 04:04
  7. 7 [Info] The Two Headed Calf 02:28
  8. 8 [Info] Poison Flower 02:59
  9. 9 [Info] Sonadora Dreamer 03:21
  10. 10 [Info] Traveling 03:47
  11. 11 Undine Outwitted 02:51
  12. 12 [Info] Lost Days And Songs 03:24
  13. 13 [Info] The Oyster And The Sand 04:12
  14. 14 [Info] Crow's Nest 02:46
  15. 15 [Info] Oh, The Tyranny 03:43
  16. 16 Crushed 05:29
  17. 17 [Info] Life Line 04:44
  18. 18 [Info] Troubled Waters 03:55
  19. 19 [Info] Some People's Souls 02:00
  20. 20 [Info] Farewell, Stranger 03:29
  21. 21 [Info] Creature 03:54
  22. 22 Werewolf 03:48
  23. 23 Where You Goin'? 02:29
  24. 24 [Info] Moth 05:28
  25. 25 Cloud Girl 04:23

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Pinhole photo by Stefan Killen